The Dependencies feature within the Miro application allows users to map dependencies between Jira cards on a Miro board and sync them with Jira. It is available for Business and Enterprise Plans. Dependencies can be visualized as an additional layer of mapped lines, which are visible only when the Dependencies feature is active. Users can create, edit, and filter dependencies, as well as save, revert, or delete them.
Key features:

  1. Create new dependencies: Use the Dependencies panel to connect Jira issues and select a dependency type.
  2. View and filter dependencies: View existing dependencies on the board and filter by dependency type and sync status.
  3. Edit dependencies: Change the connected Jira cards or dependency type.
  4. Save, revert, or delete dependencies: Save a draft dependency to Jira, revert a synced dependency back to draft, or delete a dependency altogether.

The Dependencies feature can be useful during planning exercises, enabling real-time discussions and collaboration on dependencies between teams.

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