GrammarlyGO is an AI communication assistant that helps you write better in the digital spaces you use most. It can help unblock your ideas and increase productivity for individuals and teams. You can prompt GrammarlyGO with basic instructions to get polished drafts in seconds, and it can even find ways to make your writing shine and give you new versions to consider. You can personalize GrammarlyGO to work in your voice with profile options for tone, formality, and professional relevance. It can also jump-start any document with ideas or structure delivered straight to the page you’re already on. Additionally, you can expedite your email replies by getting emails summarized and responding quickly to them using context-specific prompts. To use GrammarlyGO, you’ll enter prompts to generate text on-demand. With a Grammarly plan, you get a monthly allowance of prompts to help you write, plus suggestions for improved, effective writing.

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