Todoist is a task management/organization app to track & prioritize to-do lists/projects. Create/organize tasks, set due dates & reminders, collaborate w/ team members. Accessible on iOS, Android & web w/ integration for Google Calendar/Slack. Free & paid plans available.


Sunsama is a revolutionary productivity platform that seamlessly combines calendar, task management, and team collaboration tools in one intuitive interface. With Sunsama, you can efficiently plan, prioritize, and track your daily tasks while keeping your team in sync. Its smart integrations with popular applications such as Slack, Google Calendar, and Trello make it an indispensable […]


TickTick is a powerful task manager that helps you stay organized and on track. Create tasks with reminders, prioritize and categorize tasks using tags, schedule projects and due dates, set recurring tasks, share lists with teams or family members, collaborate on projects in real time and access your data securely from anywhere. Keep yourself productive […]


Timestripe is the ultimate tool for boosting productivity and getting focused on your goals. It features a beautiful calendar that helps you prioritize tasks, shared to-do lists for teams, and powerful notes for tracking progress. Timestripe helps you break down complex projects into manageable chunks, stay on track, and get things done faster! Get super […]


RescueTime is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to become more productive and organized. Automatically track your digital activity and set limits on distracting websites. Get daily summaries about the time you spent online, discover which applications are consuming most of your attention, set goals to stay on task, and more. Leverage RescueTimes powerful suite […]


Akiflow is a productivity tool that helps you stay organized and on top of tasks. It is a desktop app available for Windows and Mac that provides a calendar and task manager to help teams capture and track tasks efficiently. The app is designed to streamline the basics of productivity and keep you organized.


Bring! is the ultimate grocery list app for busy families. With intuitive features like shared lists, recipe integration and meal planning, Bring! helps make grocery shopping easier than ever. It has a simple, beautiful design that makes it easy to add items to your list, cross them off when they’re bought, share lists with family […]

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