Coda is a document & project mgmt platform – create, collaborate & organize documents w/ templates & tools. Integrates w/ Google Drive, Slack & more. Also includes features for task mgmt, team collaboration and communication: the ultimate tool for productivity and organization. Available on iOS, Android & web!


Walling is the perfect app for capturing and organizing your daily ideas, notes, tasks, and more. Its a visual space where you can store your bookmarks, inspiration images, highlights from books, and any other online or offline discoveries you want to save. Use Walling to stay organized and keep track of your daily notes and […]


OneNote is a note-taking and organization app from Microsoft Office. Create & organize notes with text, images, other media and draw/annotate notes on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & web platforms. Integrate with Word & Excel for individual/corporate usage such as note-taking, organization & collaboration.


Raven is a brand of document scanners designed for libraries, offices & homes. Compact & portable with features such as dual-side scanning, OCR conversion, PDF/JPG output & image enhancement. Some models include document management software for efficient organizing & accessing of scans.

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