ClickUp is a project management and organization tool for teams & individuals. Create & assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress and collaborate with team members. Integrates with Google Drive and Slack, available on iOS, Android & the web. Also includes features for note-taking, doc management & team communication – the ultimate tool for productivity and […] is an easy-to-use collaboration platform for teams of all sizes. It helps teams focus on tasks, track progress and make sure everything gets done on offers powerful tools for managing projects, utilizing Kanban boards, setting reminders and automations, creating timelines and dashboards to monitor performance, as well as linking any type of data […]


Slack is a team communication & collaboration platform for messaging, file sharing, task management & organization. Features include channels & direct messages, integration with Google Drive/Trello & 3rd-party apps. Accessible on iOS, Android & web for organizations of all sizes.


SmartSuite is a platform that helps teams collaborate and manage their work, including projects, tasks, and workflows. With its powerful tools, teams can plan, track, and optimize their work to be more productive and efficient.

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