Zapier is a web-based automation platform that streamlines workflows by connecting over 3,000 applications, enabling users to create automated tasks without coding expertise. By integrating apps like Gmail, Slack, and Trello, Zapier facilitates seamless data transfer and event-triggered actions, improving productivity and reducing manual work. The platform’s simple interface and customizable “Zaps” empower users to […]


Notion is an all-in-one productivity and organization tool that combines elements of to-do lists, project management & note-taking software to create & manage tasks, wikis & databases within a single workspace. Customize with various content types & invite team collaboration on projects with browser/mobile app access for iOS & Android devices.


Miro is a digital whiteboard & collaboration platform. Create visual diagrams/mind maps, collaborate in real-time & embed multimedia content. Add comments & annotations, track changes & version history. Accessible on iOS, Android, web & integrates with Google Drive/ClickUp. Used by designers, marketers & product managers to visualize & organize ideas/projects.


Make is a platform that allows users to create and automate various projects, including tasks, workflows, apps, and systems, without needing coding skills. It is the leading platform of its kind for visual design.


Coda is a document & project mgmt platform – create, collaborate & organize documents w/ templates & tools. Integrates w/ Google Drive, Slack & more. Also includes features for task mgmt, team collaboration and communication: the ultimate tool for productivity and organization. Available on iOS, Android & web!


ClickUp is a project management and organization tool for teams & individuals. Create & assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress and collaborate with team members. Integrates with Google Drive and Slack, available on iOS, Android & the web. Also includes features for note-taking, doc management & team communication – the ultimate tool for productivity and […]

Arc Browser

Arc Browser, developed by the Browser Company, offers a privacy-focused alternative to Chrome. With a team of experts from Instagram, Google Chrome, Snap, Slack, and Pinterest, Arc promises a user experience focused on organization and control. Running on the same Chromium engine as Chrome, it offers familiar features such as history, autofill, and extension support […]

Margin Note 3

Margin Note 3 is a revolutionary note-taking and annotation app that helps enhance learning and understanding. With advanced highlighting tools, its AI-assisted summarization feature, and encyclopedia of integrated articles, this intuitive application provides an effortless way to study with ease. Track progress with its built-in goals system, easily share notes with friends, and more – […]


Missive is a powerful collaboration tool and communication platform that makes it easy to stay connected with colleagues and customers. With a variety of features, users can easily manage emails, tasks, projects and chats in one central location. Missive allows teams to work effectively in real-time, making it the perfect choice for any organization looking […]

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