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Why We Use Heptabase at the Paperless Movement® as Our PKM Core App


At the Paperless Movement®, we’re long-term believers, often committing to tools for years, and using them daily.

Our “year-long” approach forces us to rigorously test every tool, looking for strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between.

This helps us offer genuine feedback, rooted in our experience.

So when we endorse a tool, like Heptabase, it’s because we truly believe it enhances our productivity and the way we work, producing better outcomes at a faster speed. And so you will.

The first reason is:

Heptabase Combines the Best of Note-taking and PKM Tools

Yes, Heptabase nailed it.

They meticulously studied the landscape of note-taking and PKM tools.

By cherry-picking core features and ditching unnecessary ones, they created a friction-free, user-friendly product.

This software captures the best of databases like Notion, outliners like Roam and Workflowy, mind-mapping tools like XMind, visual tools like Miro, and long-text formats like Obsidian.

With Heptabase, you get all this without the fuss, thanks to a brilliantly designed GUI/UX.

And that’s our second reason:

A Beautiful, Gorgeous, and Pragmatic GUI/UX

Heptabase’s team is obsessed and focused on a smooth and intuitive GUI/UX.

Their aim? To reduce friction, enhancing user efficiency.

Its intuitive design means less time spent figuring things out. Everything is where it’s expected to be.

Essential tools, such as colors, highlights, cards, sections, whiteboards, and mind maps, are readily available.

The thoughtful design, from sidebars to tabs, enhances the thinking process and ensures an organized and easy-to-implement thinking workflow.

This takes us to the third reason:

Heptabase Has Been Structured to Perfection

The way Heptabase has organized its structure, both the frontend and the backend, is mind-blowing, as it perfectly represents our brains and the way we think.

Every object, from a simple text block to an extensive whiteboard, is meticulously designed.

That organization ensures a seamless interaction between text or any other type of content with visual objects, allowing users to effortlessly dive into details or see the bigger picture, our fourth reason:

Zoom In and Zoom Out

This feature mirrors the working of our brain.

Heptabase allows a seamless transition from a broad overview to nitty-gritty details and back, using multiple intermediate elements if necessary, such as sections, groups of cards inside a whiteboard.

The interface’s adaptability and the versatile thinking levels make this a standout feature because it offers the user, simultaneously, in just one tool, what we call the three levels of thinking: visual, outlining, and long-text format.

Avoiding tool switching enhances your thinking process promoting focus, concentration, and high performance.

Moving to our fifth reason, what resonates with us at Paperless Movement® is:

Heptabase’s Action-driven Design

Our ICOR® ecosystem aims to turn information into action, and Heptabase aligns perfectly with that.

It encourages clarity, deep thinking, and purposeful action at any moment.

The feeling that your information is valuable is truly priceless.

Our sixth reason is:

Staying in the Flow

With Heptabase, you can sustain your concentration and seamlessly stay in your rhythm.

Just by collapsing the sidebars, you can zero in on what’s directly in front of you.

The blend of visual elements with various types of content makes linking between objects a breeze.

This ensures you remain on track, regardless of how complex the subject you’re delving into.

From a more technical approach, moving to our seventh reason:

Heptabase Is Both Stable and Open

Whether you prefer local storage or cloud, the tool performs amazingly fast and reliable.

Seamless sync, export options, and efficient integration with external sources like PDFs or Readwise make it a comprehensive tool.

And last but not least, our reason number 8:

The Company Behind

The Heptabase team, though small, is dynamite.

Their commitment to quality over quantity is evident.

Their lack of bureaucracy and simplicity of internal processes allows them to deliver amazing features at an amazing speed.

A customer-centric approach, regular product enhancements, and a solid business model underscore their commitment to users.

They’re primarily bootstrapped, using their profits to run the business.

However, they’ve also secured enough funding to operate for a decade, even without any income, a scenario that’s highly unlikely given their consistent growth and the new clients they attract daily.

Last Thoughts

As you’ve seen, we’ve put Heptabase through its paces, testing every aspect.

And it’s come out on top, earning our trust and endorsement.

At the Paperless Movement®, we understand the importance of core apps in our Productivity System, and Heptabase fits the bill perfectly.

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