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Unfairly Attacked? 5 Jaw-Dropping Reasons Why Evernote Deserves Respect!


I constantly hear critics targeting Evernote in the productivity world.
It’s disheartening to see people criticize its “outdated” folder structure and the way it handles information (knowledge management) and action (project/task management).
This company, I believe, truly deserves respect.
I’m sharing 5 compelling reasons that could even convince you, as a business professional, this software perfectly suits your needs.
I should mention I haven’t used Evernote for many years, and obviously, I don’t receive a penny from this software company.
Let’s dive in!

Reason 1: Evernote Transformed Me into a 100% Paperless “Powerhouse”

Evernote was among the first apps I installed on my trusty old iPhone.
Back in March 2011, with the launch of the iPad 2, I fully harnessed Evernote’s power to achieve my dream of going 100% paperless.

For over a decade, I’ve been an unwavering Evernote user, beta testing, actively contributing my insights to improve the app, and sharing my thoughts with that fantastic crew.

I can’t bring myself to criticize something that sparked such a monumental, positive change in my life, as going paperless propelled my productivity to heights I never imagined.
Regardless of any shortcomings, they may have today (which I personally disagree with), I remain grateful.
The workflows I developed using Evernote continue to play a vital role in my productivity system.

Reason 2: Evernote Had a Life-Changing Impact on Countless Users

Evernote’s impressive revenue speaks volumes.
It’s a clear indication from the market that they were (or still are) doing something right.
We can’t overlook the countless users who signed up in the past.
If Evernote enhanced my life, I’m confident it did the same for many others.
People don’t shell out cash for no reason.
This achievement deserves respect, as Evernote positively impacted society and brought happiness to numerous users through its app.

Reason 3: Evernote’s Size Doesn’t Imply Malice

“Big” equals “bad”.
People often criticize large companies, accusing them of market dominance.
While I don’t advocate for monopolies, I must admit that many big companies have significantly improved my life.

I’m grateful to Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, and others for making my life easier and helping me achieve my goals.

Part of the criticism aimed at Evernote stems from its sheer size. This often attracts haters and those who criticize for criticism’s sake.
I believe the opposite: a larger company has a greater potential to deliver exceptional service.
All the companies I mentioned are sizable, and their services have profoundly impacted my life. That’s why I’m so appreciative of them.
Moreover, being big can inspire others. Many of today’s “cool apps” took inspiration from Evernote, building on the foundation they laid out.

Reason 4: Evernote Defies the Odds Still Delivering Value

As I mentioned earlier, it’s been years since I last used Evernote.
I didn’t even open the app after migrating all my notes to Craft, and now I’m an avid Mem user.
However, during our recent Group Coaching Event within our Paperless Movement® Membership, my business partner and dear friend Tom Solid opened Evernote.
What I saw left me shocked.
They’ve made significant improvements.
I realized it’s still a reliable app for storing information and even managing simple tasks.
While it’s not suitable for my needs, I’m confident many business professionals will find it valuable and trustworthy for daily use.
I respect solutions that work for others, even if they don’t work for me.

Reason 5: Evernote’s Specialized Features Can Empower Your Productivity System

One area where Evernote truly shines is its ability to make scanned documents searchable.
Its search functionality within images and PDFs works impressively well.
Even if you rely on just one feature of an app, that can be more than enough to appreciate and respect it, as it’s supporting a crucial aspect of your workflow.

Last Insights

We must show respect for companies, projects, and individuals who invest countless hours striving to improve people’s lives, including yours, even if they failed in your specific case.
I always maintain that designing, creating, and executing a profitable project is no easy feat.
Evernote accomplished this, and that’s why I hold it in high regard.
While Evernote doesn’t suit my workflows, it works for others.
And just for that reason, it earns my respect.

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