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The Easiest and Fastest Way to Convert Handwritten Notes to Digital Notes


Maybe you love writing on paper.
It’s not the case for me, but it’s the case for many people within the Paperless Movement® Membership and even within the Team Paperless Movement®.
Many people love the touch of paper, the sensations, and the way it feels.
However, paper and handwritten notes have their weaknesses compared to taking digital notes.
In this article, I’ll show you how to take the best of both worlds.
Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Digital Note-Taking vs. Handwritten Notes

Digital notes are impressive.
They allow you to:

  • Make your content searchable.
  • Store it using any kind of organization (folders, tags), so you’re much better organized.
  • Stay safe and sound because they cannot be easily destroyed or disappear.
  • Have access to them no matter where you are or the device you use to access them.
    The list of benefits is even longer.
    It’s clear that digital notes far outperform notes on paper, but you still have some options to use paper and convert them into digital documents.
    Let’s check them out!

The Quick Solution

The fastest solution you can think of is using Google Docs.
You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Take a picture of your handwritten note.
  2. Upload it to Google Drive.
  3. Open it with Google Docs.
  4. See the scanned image on top and the typed text below.
    The problem with this solution is that you need to reorder the text, fix mistakes, and do a lot of manual work to achieve the desired result.
    That’s why I highly recommend another solution.

The Best Solution

The best solution we’ve found is thanks to a company called Rocketbook.
They offer physical note-taking products for a traditional handwriting experience combined with an amazing scanning app that converts your handwritten text into digital notes with fantastic accuracy.
They offer all this:

  • Pen and paper sensations.
  • Reusable. Whenever you’re done, you can clean it and start using it again. It’s an endless notebook.
  • Convenient sizes and colors.
  • Integration with your digital workflows.
    The steps you need to follow are straightforward:
  1. Write using a pen and a Rocketbook notebook.
  2. Use their app to scan the document and directly send it to any of your favorite apps: Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, email, etc.
  3. Each Rocketbook notebook has 7 symbols at the bottom of each page. By selecting them, the app automatically sends the scanned document to the associated app for that symbol. You just scan, and the scanned document appears in the app you’ve previously set up.
    But if you don’t feel the Rocketbook notebook is exactly like real paper, check out this video where we show how you can take the best of both the Rocketbook and natural paper.


Converting handwritten notes to digital ones is just the first step to managing information in this Information Management Era.
In our Paperless Movement® Membership, we empower business professionals to unleash the full potential of their Productivity Systems.
So, let’s make this happen! Together!

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