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How Sunsama Can 100% Guarantee Your Success in Achieving Business Goals


Many busy professionals who join the Paperless Movement® Membership share a common challenge: they find it difficult to achieve their strategic goals.
Within the ICOR® ecosystem, these goals are the mid to long-term objectives you aim to accomplish.
At Team Paperless Movement®, we establish quarterly goals and use them as a basis to create the rest of the Output Elements (projects, tasks, and to-dos).
Our members often face similar issues when it comes to goal achievement:

  1. They engage in shallow work, preventing them from focusing on the to-dos that would bring them closer to their goals.
  2. Amidst their hectic daily routines, it’s hard to determine whether a to-do aligns with any of their goals.
    In this article, not only will I discuss the correct approach (concept) to overcoming these challenges, but I will also show you how to implement it using Sunsama, a micro-management tool that I’m quickly becoming fond of.
    Let’s move from theory to practice and dive right in!

Unleash Your Potential through Purposeful Alignment

In the world of project management, also known as the action world in ICOR®, there’s a crucial rule to always follow: ensure that all Output Elements (goals, projects, tasks, and to-dos) are aligned.

This alignment guarantees that your short-term efforts (daily or weekly) are consistent with your mid-to-long-term objectives (monthly or quarterly).

At Team Paperless Movement®, we utilize ClickUp to achieve this alignment.
Each Monday, we hold an agenda meeting to determine the primary tasks and to-dos to focus on for the week.
These are referred to as milestones within ClickUp.

Milestones: The Game Changers for Goal Achievement and Effective Progress

Milestones play a vital role in ICOR®’s third stage: OUTPUT.
OUTPUT is where action takes center stage, driving you towards achieving your goals.

Remember: success in business and life is only possible through taking action.

The importance of milestones lies in:

  • Their ability to provide focus and concentration, directing your efforts where they’re needed most.
  • They offer clarity, control, and peace of mind, essential components for peak performance.
  • They serve as a reminder that you are steadily progressing toward your goals, one step at a time.
    The challenge, however, is identifying these milestones amidst the chaos of your daily and complicated daily life.
    How can you consistently recognize them throughout your day?

Shift from Macro-Management to Micro-Management to Elevate Your Performance

At this point, you transition from strategy (macro-management, ClickUp) to execution (micro-management, Sunsama).
Regardless of the size of your goal, it is always comprised of smaller to-dos.
Keep in mind:
• We’re simple beings.
• We excel at handling small things (to-dos).
• We tend to struggle with big things (goals).

Sunsama offers excellent integration with ClickUp, allowing you to view all the tasks and to-dos assigned to you on ClickUp within a specific section of Sunsama.

To streamline the process, simply mark your ClickUp “milestones” as “Weekly Objectives” on Sunsama.
As easy as that!

Unlock Success Harnessing the Potential of Sunsama’s Weekly Objectives

Sunsama’s standout feature is its visually appealing interface that highlights weekly objectives clearly.
Additionally, you can assign to-dos directly to these objectives.
By the end of this process, you can:

  1. Easily determine if a to-do is connected to a weekly objective.
  2. Effortlessly list all to-dos associated with a specific weekly objective.
    These two perspectives help you stay on track at all times.
    to-dos linked to a weekly objective will stand out among the multitude of to-dos in your hectic schedule.
    Consequently, you’ll naturally prioritize these to-dos over others, regardless of how chaotic your day may be.

Sunsama encourages you to arrange your to-dos sequentially (always keep in mind we’re sequential creatures), ensuring that the most critical items are always at the top of your list.

I make it a point to keep to-dos related to my weekly objectives at the top.
This prioritization is easy to achieve, as it relies on visual perception, something effortless (zero friction) and intuitive.


  • The moment you align your goals with to-dos, you’ve taken a significant step towards goal achievement.
  • Make sure always to prioritize to-dos connected to your weekly objectives, placing shallow work on the back burner.
  • Delay or rearrange those shallow to-dos, but consistently focus on those critical to-dos that stand out. They’re the ones that lead you on the path to success.
  • When interruptions or unexpected events occur, return to your Sunsama planning and refocus on your top to-dos after addressing the situation.
  • Clearly identifying these crucial to-dos within your micro-management processes makes success inevitable, regardless of the chaos in your day.
  • Alignment, coupled with the continuous visual identification of your main daily to-dos, ensures that you consistently progress towards your goals.
    Weekly reviews are the cherry on top to provide the flexibility to stay on course, make adjustments, and guarantee that achieving your goals is just a matter of time, no matter the circumstances.
    I’ve tested this approach for decades. It works. 100% guaranteed.
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