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How ICOR® Layer 1 Empowers Your Productivity as a Business Professional


At the Paperless Movement®, we’ve leveraged and synthesized decades of our productivity expertise gained through real-world experience as busy professionals.

Our goal is to help you thrive in your work by providing you with ICOR®, a 3-layer ecosystem to help you build your own productivity system in a natural way. Your way!

In this article, I’ll go deep into ICOR®’s Layer 1: ICOR® Concepts.

Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Power of Concepts

In ICOR® Layer 1, we’ve simplified complex concepts by removing technical terms, making it easier to understand the essential productivity concepts you need for your day-to-day work.

Concepts are key definitions that provide understanding.

They’re so crucial because they allow you to:

  1. Save time.
  2. Leverage your resources.
  3. Take your productivity to the next level.

For instance, in the world of productivity, many business professionals spend countless hours trying out different apps, hoping to find the perfect solution for their information and project management needs.

That happens because people usually don’t understand the “why” behind their actions.

Understanding the “why” behind a concept is the key to transitioning from theory to practice, empowering you to accomplish your goals.

That’s why we built this 3-layer ecosystem, to guide you from understanding the core concepts in ICOR® Layer 1 to implementing these ideas in ICOR® Layer 3 by crafting your ideal tool stack.

Mastering these fundamental concepts provides you with the foundational core needed to understand what a productivity system is, which is crucial in building an effective system that allows you to tackle the overwhelming daily situations related to information and task/project management.

Moving from Information to Action

That’s why the main focus of ICOR® Layer 1 is on information and task/project management.

This layer guides you on effectively managing information to reach your goals using ICOR®’s four stages:

  1. INPUT

It teaches you what to capture, how to capture it, and how to transform that information into actionable items that drive you towards achieving your goals.

Yes, you can be sure this layer will allow you to get things done with better information management!

Your First Step: the ICOR® Mastery Course

At the Paperless Movement®, we value a practical approach and focus on using essential theory to achieve real-world results.

All our content, including the ICOR® Mastery Course you can find in our Membership, double down on pragmatism.

The course is the perfect starting point to discover the ICOR® ecosystem, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your productivity system, efficiently moving from theory to practice in the shortest time possible.

That’s why, for example, we’ve structured the course in Layer 1 using two different approaches: horizontal and vertical.

The horizontal approach offers a comprehensive overview of ICOR® in just 90 minutes.

But, for those who want to dive deeper, the vertical course delivers over 20 hours of top-quality content, including magic slides, inspiration sheets, ICOR® Talks between Tom Solid and myself, and a wealth of additional material distilled into dumb ideas that work, key concepts, and helpful hacks.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking concepts are abstract and time-wasting.

They’re the key elements that make you work easier and help you achieve optimal and peak productivity.

This is how you can understand ICOR®’s 3 layers:

By investing time in understanding concepts in ICOR® Layer 1, you’ll feel more productive and gain a better comprehension of the workflows, ICOR® Layer 2, and the tools, ICOR® Layer 3, you use.

Remember, mastering concepts is the foundation for building a powerful productivity system that will change the way you work forever!

Now, let’s get started…


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