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4 Main Reasons to State ClickUp is the Best Project Management App We’ve Ever Tried


At the Paperless Movement®, we accumulate decades of experience related to the productivity world.
We’ve experienced big corps’ software implementations, process optimizations, and dealing with our own personal and individual productivity needs: Knowledge Management, Task Management, and Project Management.
On top of that, we’re tech geeks. We love apps, software, and anything in between.
All of that gives us a big perspective and, at the same time, a deep and concrete view of the smallest details to share all our learnings, helping you to set up and implement the ideal system you aim to get work done with better information management.

Why Are Projects So Crucial for Your Work and Life?

Dealing with projects is not easy.
They’re the key elements to have the bird’s eye view you need to achieve your goals. That’s why they’re so crucial.
You cannot imagine how many pieces of software we’ve tried, tested, implemented, enjoyed, and suffered.
Among all of them, we’ve finally bet on ClickUp, an app we’ve been using as our main project management tool for years.
Why is it?
Here, I give you our 4 main reasons!

Reason 1: ClickUp Allows Us to Easily Implement ICOR®

The first one is key.
As you may know, I always state is workflows that matter.
Yes, to bet on a tool, you should first define your processes.
It won’t take as long as you think, and I can guarantee it’ll be life-changing.
To help you perfectly define your processes is why we’ve created ICOR®, a methodology to connect the knowledge world (using ICOR® terms, the “information world”) with the project/task management world (for ICOR®’s geeks, the “action world”).

ClickUp allows us to implement ICOR® without any problem or friction.
We thought, designed, and developed the easiest methodology possible.
ClickUp allowed us to implement it the easiest way.

Reason 2: You Can Connect Information with Action, the Only Way to Achieve Your Goals

At the Paperless Movement®, we also state is action that matters.
ICOR® allows you to create actionable systems, the ones that drive you to take action.
If you don’t do anything, it’s literally impossible to achieve your goals.

ICOR® defines how you can move from information to action.

From the information you capture in the outer world to actions you execute to accomplish your goals.
ClickUp is the perfect fit to implement ICOR®.
Why is that?

  1. Because you can create documents or attach any information in the system and easily retrieve it. ClickUp can easily become your SSOT (Single Source Of Truth), a one-and-only place to be 100% you’ll find what you’re looking for at any moment.
  2. Because you can perfectly define all the Output Elements we define in our ICOR® methodology, as you’ll see in the next section of this article.

    Reason 3: ClickUp’s Flexibility Is a Feature Not Easy to Find Out There

    ClickUp’s flexibility is what most people complain about the most.
    For us, it’s just the opposite. It’s one of its greatest strengths. An opportunity to develop the system of your dreams.

ClickUp allows us to intuitively create all our OUTPUT ELEMENTS: goals, projects, tasks, and to-dos.

Using your intuition produces frictionless systems. Those you can use daily without suffering because everything comes out naturally.
One of the beauties of ClickUp is we can quickly convert one OUTPUT ELEMENT into another with just a click.
It gives us the freedom we need to start creating OUTPUT ELEMENTS as we wish without concern for what we may need them to be in the future.
At the same time, that flexibility allows us to decide what each object inside ClickUp represents.
That’s how we take the best out of spaceslistsfolders, and all the different objects you can work with on ClickUp.

Reason 4: ClickUp’s Alignment Allows to Zoom In and Out Effortlessly

Last but not least, alignment is crucial when talking about project management.
You need a bird’s eye view to see the big picture. That’s the goal and project view.
But, you also need to have the possibility to deep zoom in and move to the smallest TO-DOs you have to execute today.

Being able to clearly see the connection between a big GOAL and a small TO-DO is priceless.

That’s the only way you have to be 100% sure you’re doing what you should be doing to achieve your goals.
That’s how your daily life makes sense.
That’s how you get motivated because you clearly see that you’re moving closer to your goal each day.
ClickUp makes this a piece of cake.


As you can see, we start with processes (ICOR® methodology) and end up with software implementation (ClickUp).
That’s the way you should set up your Productivity System to rely on it.
A piece of software like ClickUp, thanks to its connection between information and action, its flexibility, and its alignment between big goals and daily TO-DOs, makes it possible to set up the perfect system based on a solid (and deeply tested) theoretical starting point.

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