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12 Top GUI/UX Productivity Apps to Work like a Pro


Anyone who knows me even just a little is aware of my passion for productivity apps that boast visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces.

But it’s not just about aesthetics; user experience plays a crucial role in how I interact with these tools.

There are two main reasons why such apps boost my productivity and results:

  1. They inspire me, as it’s hard to stay motivated when faced with an unappealing screen for 12 hours a day. An attractive app compels me to engage with it, rather than flee.
  2. They enhance my workflows and efficiency by eliminating friction.

After decades of exploration, tests, and failures, I can confidently say I’ve developed an optimal productivity system centered around the visual appeal and user experience of the tools I use daily.

These beautiful apps facilitate rapid and seamless workflows.

They help me conquer procrastination and complete tasks.

And now, I’d like to share these visually striking apps with you and explain how their design and user experience have revolutionized my productivity and work style.

Let’s get started!

1. Mem

My experience using Mem can be summed up in three words: minimalism, clarity, and simplicity.

I appreciate clean, blank screens for jotting down my thoughts.

I don’t want any constraints on my thinking or creativity.

Mem provides me with a frictionless blank canvas to capture my ideas: meeting notes, thoughts, presentation scripts, phone calls, emails…

The perfect ally for business professionals!

2. Sunsama

Managing projects or tasks can be overwhelming in the micro-management world due to the sheer number of tasks involved.

What you need is tranquility, clarity, and efficiency.

Sunsama delivers these through its stunning interface and user experience.

This tool fosters a sense of calmness and clarity with well-designed features like plan, today, and focus.

Efficiency is achieved through keyboard shortcuts and spacious screens that enable swift drag-and-drop actions, both within the same day and between days.

Sunsama also facilitates focus by making it easy to identify your weekly objectives, ensuring you know exactly where to direct your efforts.

3. Superhuman

Superhuman is my go-to email client tool.

I manage five different email accounts, and Superhuman lets me effortlessly switch between them using numerous, easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts.

The way they’ve implemented inbox splitting is fantastic. I can move between splits with a simple press of the tab key.

The fonts and dark mode keep me focused and wholly immersed in my email management routine.

The consistency in user experience across devices, be it a phone, tablet, or desktop, is invaluable.

4. Slack

Viewing this screen in dark mode is a pleasure.

The various panels and seamless navigation within each conversation promote smooth communication within our team.

The panel implementation lets me easily browse different conversations, checking their content at any moment.

Using emojis to convey my feelings and feedback with the team saves time and adds nuance.

Experiencing the same intuitive interface across devices, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or desktop, is priceless.

5. Drafts

Drafts’ motto, “Where text begins,” says it all.

You might wonder why I love an app that’s simply a blank screen.

It’s because it perfectly meets my needs, and that’s why I’ve been using it for years.

When I’m on my mobile and need to jot something down, I just open Drafts (accessible via a widget on my locked screen) and enjoy a full-screen writing space.

No limitations, no constraints. It makes me feel liberated.

I also use Drafts on my desktop for tasks like composing WhatsApp messages in a larger text area.

Conventional text boxes can feel restrictive, hindering my ability to express myself fully.

Drafts, however, offers limitless space to write without any concerns.

Moreover, the interface and user experience are consistent across all devices.

6. Due

This is the best reminder app I’ve ever used.

Its interface and user experience have been thoughtfully designed for iPhone users.

Simply type in the reminder, and setting the due date is just a matter of pressing buttons. No need to enter a date or time manually.

The developers truly understand the essence of reminders.

Plus, the app works seamlessly across all devices, ensuring a frictionless experience.

7. Tana

This app offers the best outlining experience in terms of interface and user experience.

Using this app regularly to capture and organize my ideas and thoughts is a delight.

Everything is visually appealing: bullets, lines, tag colors, animations… you name it.

Your ideas flow seamlessly, with zero friction.

Keyboard shortcuts ensure your creative momentum remains uninterrupted.

8. DayOne

This app sets the standard for journaling apps.

It’s a beautiful place to store anything you want to preserve, regardless of the content type.

It’s just as intuitive and user-friendly across all devices.

The design is minimalist and well-organized.

After years of using this app, I look forward to many more.

9. Cron

If you’re a fan of Superhuman, you’ll adore Cron, the calendar app that operates just like Superhuman.

With its gorgeous, minimalist design and frictionless user experience, Cron features an intuitive layout and handy keyboard shortcuts.

I appreciate their fonts and seamless integration of all my calendars within the app.

Cron offers a much-needed breath of fresh air for busy professionals like us.

10. Arc

Arc is a game-changer in the realm of web browsing.

Once you start using it, you won’t want to switch to any other browser.

Its interface and user experience are so well-crafted that it sometimes feels like you’re interacting with a local app rather than browsing the web.

The design is sleek, minimal, and features handy shortcuts.

One standout user experience feature is the ability to effortlessly navigate between my five different profiles using the same shortcut as in Superhuman.

A colored frame indicates the active profile, promoting focus and helping me know where to direct my attention.

11. Readwise Read Later App

This is my go-to tool for an enjoyable and visually appealing long-form reading experience.

Both on mobile and desktop, the app offers a practical experience, allowing you to effortlessly highlight text and create notes (which, by the way, sync directly with your Readwise account. No friction!)

The app’s formatting creates a consistent experience for any content, regardless of the source.

12. Deepstash

Business professionals often find inspiration in ideas.

Deepstash excels not only in its core features but also in its interface and user experience.

I enjoy browsing ideas and saving them for later with just a few clicks.

The visually appealing interface encourages you to keep exploring ideas for inspiration.


GUI/UX is crucial to me.

I’ve assessed my results to determine whether this is just a subjective preference, and the findings are clear: great GUI/UX significantly boosts my productivity.

Moreover, the positive feelings of calmness, peace of mind, relaxation, clarity, and frictionless interactions enable me to perform at my peak whenever I engage with these tools.

It’s not just about having attractive or trendy interfaces.

It’s about maximizing efficiency and making the most of my time the easiest way as a business professional.

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